For Individuals + Families

Do you enjoy eating the delicious food produced and grown in Vermont? Do you like to use agricultural products at home and work? Are you hungry to learn more about Vermont agriculture?

Then you’re invited to #Farm24VT! Sit back, relax, and enjoy all the behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and stories from the Vermont farming community.

Step 1: Register

#Farm24VT is set to begin at 5:00 am on May 18 and run through 5:00 am on May 19. Throughout this 24-hour period, Vermont farmers and others in the agricultural sector will be sharing photos, videos, and stories showing the passion, commitment, and hard work that goes into producing food and other farm products in Vermont.

Step 2: Share Your Participation

Let the world know that you’re planning to #Farm24VT–and help us spread the word that it’s happening! Download + print our selfie template, snap a photo, and post it to your social media accounts with the hashtag #Farm24VT.

Step 3: Get Social with Us!

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Who’s Invited to #Farm24VT?

  • Individuals and families throughout Vermont, New England, New York, and beyond
  • Anyone who’s curious about Vermont agriculture
  • Foodies and food-lovers
  • Educators